Photo of Zinnia Jones, 22 October 2016. A young woman with short purple hair and glasses, in a thin maroon hoodie, standing outside a building. She wears a large pendant of an inverted cross encircled by a serpent.

Gender researcher  ♦  Content strategist  ♦  Technical author

I'm a trans woman, a writer, an activist, and an insatiable researcher. My work offers insights across transgender sociology, public health, cognitive science, transfeminism, and civil rights law, with an interdisciplinary analysis guided by the lived experiences of trans people.

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Key writings

My web series Gender Analysis is the main archive for my transgender-related research and commentary.

  • That was dysphoria? 8 signs of indirect gender dysphoria — A narrative of my experiences with mental aspects of dysphoria, such as symptoms of anxiety, depersonalization, and derealization. This is my most-read article to date.

  • Galileo's Middle Finger and autogynephilia — A review of the book's many misrepresentations of transgender women, with an exploration of the controversy over a theory of trans women's sexualities, as well as the conflicting sexological evidence.

  • Darker shades of pink — What it's like to be treated for clinical depression as a trans woman, and an examination of how dysphoria and transition can interact with depression and anxiety.

I've also contributed a foreword to gender therapist Dara Hoffman-Fox's book, You and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to Discovery. Keep an eye out for my new book, Gender Synthesis: Understanding Gender and Complex Systems in Society, coming in 2017.

Support my work

I'm very grateful to have received substantial community assistance in my efforts at providing information and fighting prejudice. If you'd like to support my continued work, I have a Patreon for my publications and productions. You can also contribute directly at$ZinniaJones or via Bitcoin at 1ALA9UQTxYnHvWaBj5NqhjQkCciHmcVs8.

Around the web

  • My YouTube channel spans 8 years and hosts more than 400 videos on various topics.

  • I keep a personal blog on The Orbit, a network of secular activist and social advocacy bloggers.

  • You can follow me on my Facebook page.

  • And there's a directory of my miscellaneous signed files on Keybase.