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Comment of the day

Thanks, TheFaithofGod!

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BREAKING: Bigot mistakes absurd conjecture for objective fact

But that's about par for the course at the anti-gay "Truth Academy", isn't it? "Ex-gay" therapist and felon Arthur Abba Goldberg offers this bit of striking wisdom: “By the way, did you notice that a lot of gays who remain … Continue reading →

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Bryan Fischer's failure of character

In the aftermath of Wednesday's historic Prop 8 ruling, some social conservatives have been getting just a little heated. Like Bryan Fischer, the AFA blogger who thinks we should once again make it illegal to be gay. His solution to … Continue reading →

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Death threat of the day

Oh yeah? Well, I backtraced it!

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What people are searching for

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Survey says...

Recently, I received a letter from my old high school requesting that I fill out a five-year followup survey for 2005 graduates. Of course, I never graduated in 2005 because I left school in 2003. I guess they didn't bother … Continue reading →

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Focusing on the most irrelevant thing possible

Hey, remember Cliff Kincaid? The guy who said Uganda's proposed gay execution bill only includes death "for deliberately spreading AIDS and engaging in homosexual behavior that threatens children and society", when the death sentence could actually apply to any gay … Continue reading →

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Comment of the day

You talk to women like that?

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From the June trip

Taken from an overlook near St. Joseph, Michigan.

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Transvestite atheist admits link to Wikileaks case!

MIT graduate admits link in leak case: A recent MIT graduate acknowledged yesterday that he met and exchanged multiple e-mails with the Army private accused of providing thousands of classified war records to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks, but he adamantly … Continue reading →

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