Day 25: Motivation, anticipation

16-17 Sep 2010

I woke up at 2:00 PM and took 1 piracetam and choline, and again at 9:00 PM at 4:00 AM. I actually got 9 or 10 hours of sleep last night, and I've been feeling really good today. I'll have to wake up earlier tomorrow, since my Kindle is apparently on the way here and I can't wait to get my hands on this thing. I recorded, edited and posted a new video tonight, which most people seem to like so far. It wasn't a very deep one, though. I'll continue editing the next big one, and put together an announcement for dprjones' fundraiser tomorrow. I've also been listening to The Birthday Massacre's new album, "Pins and Needles", which is amazing. All of it is great and none of it sucks. You know how you usually expect albums to have some good songs and some that are just average? This is pretty much awesome all the way through. It took a little while for their previous albums to grow on me after I first heard them, but this was immediately enjoyable. Maybe it's because they all sound more or less the same, but that's okay, because it sounds good. I would totally recommend it. If you haven't listened to TBM before, go check it out!

One thing I forgot to mention was that a reporter from a local paper recently contacted me and expressed interest in doing a story about me. This kind of surprised me. I tend to draw in a diverse, but sparse crowd from around the world, and I never really expected the local area would care much about what I do. I guess it's passed some threshold of notability, though, and that's okay. I do live in a town that already has an office of the Illinois Family Institute and a fake "abortion" clinic meant to convert people (they have their own float for our parades). I figure I might be able to provide some balance. Of course, I have no idea what angle they're going for here, or if there will be sufficient space for them to accurately represent my views and motives. My family is a bit concerned about my name getting in the paper for this, but I practically dropped off the face of the earth for about five years after I left school, and I'm pretty sure most people have moved on and won't remember me - or, by now, even recognize me. I'll let you all know how it goes, and maybe provide some scans if possible.

I did manage to find something else to severely bother me today. The cartoonist who started Everybody Draw Mohammed Day has been forced into hiding with a completely new identity after Anwar al-Awlaki issued a fatwa calling for her assassination. Al-Awlaki is believed to have inspired a number of high-profile Islamic terrorists, to the extent that the US government is now willing to have him illegally killed on sight without trial if the opportunity presents itself. Think about this. She just drew a damn cartoon, one which did not even contain Muhammad. She's now forced to live in secrecy and fear, in the United States of America, because this religious pyscho is actually ordering his followers to kill her over a cartoon that offended his delusions. This is insane. Everything about this situation is like something out of a satirical dystopic fantasy. The very point of Everybody Draw Mohammed Day was to not be scared out of expressing ourselves by threats from religious extremists. Yet this is exactly what could happen again if nothing is done to show that this is still absolutely unacceptable.

So, I'm going to do something about this. I'm going to do something very stupid, and inadvisable, but necessary. Someone has to, for the same reasons we drew Muhammad in the first place. I'm also pretty irritated by the inordinate attention being given to an Australian lawyer who smoked a page from the Qur'an and posted it on YouTube. This is actually worldwide news now. Someone set a piece of paper on fire, and this is treated as a major story. I can barely comprehend how something like this is even remotely notable, but I am interested to see what will happen once I do what I'm planning to do. If anything, I'll be sure to call out the media and ask if they'll run a thousand stories on this, too.

The coming days may be very interesting.

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10 responses to Day 25: Motivation, anticipation

  1. Will says:

    Be careful, I just recently found your youtube and I look forward to years of more blogs and videos. But change needs to happen, and it is exciting to see people actually trying to do things outside the box. Good luck, and may you live a very long, and fulfilling life.

  2. StarmanReturns says:

    Zinnia,I think I know what you're going to do,please don't do it,it will piss off a lot of people,I've watched all your videos,read all of your blogs,read your twitter account many times,I know where your mindset is,if you do what I think your gonna do,it will cause unneeded threats to your home and give you the wrong kind of attention,burning books is what the Nazi's did,the world today does not need to be like them,please,I'm begging you don't do this!

    • DeHerg says:

      "please don't do it,it will piss off a lot of people" sometimes I get the feeling that this his second favorite pastime (and its really not a good argument against doing it)

      • StarmanReturns says:

        I think Zinnia is going to do a public buring of a Bible in front of newscameras,plus make a you tube video of it which would bring a lot of Heat against her,which might include her having to move out of her home,problems for her family,unwanted attention from religious fanatics,Zinnia is very headstrong and does what she wants to do,she's gets a lot of threats already,doing this would make things a lot worse,I care a lot about her,I hope I'm completely wrong and I'm just jumping to conclusions.

        • DeHerg says:

          "I think Zinnia is going to do a public buring of a Bible in front of newscameras " I really don´t think that is what he is gonna do
          -too unimaginative(burning things, especially "holy books" seem to have high season already)
          -wrong target group(he is responding to someone getting threatened by muslims not christians)
          -from where would he get the news cameras?
          "she's gets a lot of threats already,doing this would make things a lot worse,I care a lot about her" I can sympathize with that and I care about him too, but it would be hypocritical to say we should not bow down to those pathetic threats and then advice people we care about to do exactly that (ie saying that job(of not giving in) should be done by other people we don´t care about, for us)
          "I hope I'm completely wrong and I'm just jumping to conclusions" well there is a possibility for that but its a very slim one(depending on what he is doing and how much of an impact it will have)

    • Deggial says:

      Not taking any action is exactly why tyrants like Hitler rose to power in the first place. If the allied powers would have stopped him on his first invasion attempts the number of human lives lost would have been substainally lower. It's attitudes torwards oppression like this that allows it be perpecutated throughout history. I suggest that you defend the rights of your fellow free-thinkers, rather than the rights of hate-mongering and violant fundamentalists.

  3. Mouse says:

    I'm anxious to see what you do!

  4. DeHerg says:

    to the newspaper story: the only (but probably unnecessary)advice I would like to give you: be very very careful that what you say is not gonna be twisted for the sake of sales. At best let them give you an assurance that you can review the article before it gets into printing. You probably remember the questions you answered to the case of Bradley Manning.

    to the second story "Everything about this situation is like something out of a satirical dystopic fantasy" or some old past we all wish it would already be in the grave of human history.
    As for what you are planning to do(I assume you wont give us a little spoiler?), well I guess you are right that something need to be done, so good luck with that.

  5. Kick ass, take names. :)

  6. Deggial says:

    I fully support you in what you are going to do. People should stand up to oppressors everywhere, just like you said in your blog about the late Justin Aaberg. Don't take a neutral stance. Atheists everywhere should try to combat the ideas of not only Muslim, or even all religious acts of intolerance, but just intolerance in general. God is dead. Now is the time for the individual to reclaim the earth. Long live freedom of expression.

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